3 ways to make sure employees are happy and healthy

Everyone knows that stressed out, over-worked staff members aren’t going to be at their optimum.

In order to address the issue, there are a number of things employers can do to make sure their employees are happy and healthy in the workplace. Not only will this ensure that key members of staff aren’t tempted to stray to a more caring company, but in the long run investing in your employees will save cash and out you ahead of the competition.

Wellbeing programmes, a supportive environment and incentives that put your staff first are the keys to worker satisfaction. Read on for three top ways to make sure your employees are happy, healthy and motivated.

1. Talk about it

Keeping your door open to employees is essential so they feel they can chat to you about any work-related issues they may be having. At the same time, firms should also consider having a peer support network if staff members feel they would rather talk about problems with colleagues instead.

Setting up one-to-one or group sessions is a good way to show workers that you care and are actively taking an interest in their work life.Using teleconferencing technology is an ideal way to go about this, as staff members can dial in from wherever they are located – eg. the comfort of their own home – and it will make sessions feel more informal.

The same technology can also be used by employees to hold their own peer support sessions, in case they prefer to speak to one another rather than directly to a manager. In this way, staff members will feel as though their concerns are being heard and that they are cared for.

2. Teach them how to manage stress

The rise of workplace anxiety is fast becoming an epidemic and as anxiety has a huge impact on productivity during the working day, this is an issue that can’t really be ignored.

For employers, the first step is to recognise when stress is becoming a problem for staff and teach them methods to deal with it. Your office could arrange a training session full of helpful tips about how to counteract feelings of anxiety.

Going for a short walk is helpful, or perhaps taking a quick tea break. Alternatively, embrace the ‘pomodoro technique’ – which suggests a couple of minutes out every 25 minutes to recharge the batteries and rejuvenate brain cells.

3. Plan your office carefully

A lack of greenery in our work environment can also lead to a significant impact on our mood and productivity – a fact that many people may be unaware of.

Plants soak up what are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – which are particles that can be emitted from synthetic materials in items such as office furniture, fittings and computers. Removing these VOCs can have huge effects on employee health, as plants can lower instances of headaches and loss of concentration, as well as eye, nose and throat problems that can be caused by them.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect for employers who are still unsure about investing in greenery in the office, is that the cleaner air promoted by greenery is said to lead to greater levels of productivity and better efficiency among staff members.

As well as this, employers should make sure that office spaces have plenty of light to reduce feelings of anxiety or sadness – and the more natural the lighting is, the better. So, try to ensure desks are placed next to windows.


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