5 Ways Your New Business Can Establish Its Brand

The number of challenges facing new businesses today are practically without number. If you’re in on the ground floor of a business just starting to find its legs, you likely do not need anyone to tell you that. Chief amongst these issues is, well, getting people to notice you! Establishing a recognizable and memorable “brand” is as necessary today as providing a great service or product. Here are 5 tips to help make it a bit easier:

Have A Great Logo…

Your business’ logo is so much more than just a funky design that you’ll paste on your website’s homepage. It needs to be punchy and eye-catching, something that will stand out in an increasingly “branded” world. Most importantly, however, it needs to say something about your business. It is your customers’ first impression, so it should look good and speak to your philosophy and personality. Consult a well-respected graphic designer.

And Put It Everywhere

Once you have a logo you’re happy with, you want it to be on absolutely everything. It needs to stick in the minds of your customers. Make it the first thing they see on your website. Put it on the front of your shop (if you have one). Plaster it on your business card and hand them out with impunity. Print it on employee ID cards. Consider handing out plastic reward cards to your customers. There are a number of reasons why your business needs an ID card printer — chiefly that it will be one more way in which your brand will stay in the minds of customers.

Develop Brand Messaging

What do you offer? Who do you offer it to? Why do you offer it? How can it be accessed? Why is your business absolutely necessary in the world today? What are the core messages and beliefs that your brand is trying to convey? Everything your brand stands for and wants to provide for the world around you should be readily available in your brand messaging. And all your employees should be on the same page.

Develop A Tagline

Yup, a tagline. They aren’t just for movies anymore. Part and parcel with the above points, your tagline should be punchy and convey your brand’s unique messages. Right below the logo, the tagline is going to be a part of your customers’ first impression of your business. There are a number of good examples out there for you to take inspiration from.

Consistency Is Key

Nothing about your brand should come as a surprise to your customers. The last thing you want to do as a new business is start adding strange, Frankenstein-esque aspects onto your primary business model. (“Why is that record store selling Nikes??”) People find this jarring, and it creates an impression of inconsistency and unreliability in your brand. Same goes for the logo. It is very dangerous to make changes to your logo – even for established businesses! Let alone new ones.

You are still in the nascent phase of your business. You’re trying to develop trust and a strong customer base. In other words, you’re trying to develop your brand.

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