7 Steps to a Safer Office Working Environment

A safe working environment is a productive one, so says the health and safety conscious of the world. Accidents, trips and various mishaps can not only disrupt the flow of the workday, but it can also loosen morale as people see that the working environment is not a safe one.

So, what are the top ways that you need to act today in order to make your working environment that much safer from day one?

1) Remove Clutter

Clutter is a danger, both for the mind and physically. As it means that people can trip, especially if you have lots of stuff piled in walkways and other areas that are frequently travelled. Bad wiring or wires loosely spread across your workspace are also major tripping hazards. Not only can people trip, but they also pose an electrical hazard. Especially if a wire comes loose while under a rug, as this could cause a fire.

2) Close Everything

Doors, drawers and even filing cabinets should all be shut whenever not in use. Why? When out and in the way they pose a problem as people are likely to walk into them, injuring themselves. Surely no one is that clumsy? Well, they are and it has resulted in multiple issues and even lawsuits for employers.

3) Ensure Clear Vision

A clear line of vision is necessary for the workplace. Especially if you have electrical vehicles or fast moving foot traffic. The National Safety Council even suggests installing mirrors at intervals in order to help reduce collisions, especially around corners or in more industrial workplaces.

4) Stack Safe

If you must stack something, for whatever reason, then it is vital that you do so safely. If someone does bump into something and everything falls on top of them, then they could be seriously injured. Even if it was only a pile of paper or something else seemingly innocuous, it can all hurt when in big enough quantities and during a fast enough collision.

5) Adjustable Equipment

From the brightness on the computer screen to the height of a desk, everything should be adjustable in accordance with your worker’s needs. One size does not simply fit all when it comes to the workplace. Good chair, wrist rests for your keyboard and mouse, even a desk that can be stood at is the best option for the health of your legs.

6) Avoid Wrist Injuries

This might seem like a minor thing, but it’s actually quite serious when it comes to working regularly on computers. Wrist rests on both the keyboard and mouse is vital in order to help prevent these types of injuries. Also, a good idea is to promote particular exercises for the wrist in your workers in order to save allow healthy practices. Stretching all the way from the shoulders to the wrists, for example, is the best option and easy to do at a desk.

7) Air Quality

Bad air quality in a workplace leads to more sick days, sluggish behaviour in your staff and can even affect their long-time health. If any hazardous materials are also in the building then this could be doubly dangerous for staff and could cause serious health concerns, which could ultimately come back to your business in harmful ways.

To counteract this you need to ensure that your business space has a good industrial ventilation system, as it helps to filter out all of the bad additions to the air and brings in good, fresh, air consistently. Ultimately, this will lead to a better productivity turnover for your business and happier employees in the long run.

At the end of the day, a safer office is a priority for many workers and employers. That means it is vital that you have a number of protocols and procedures in place in order to stem. A happy employee makes for a happy workforce, lots of work done and even a rise in overall company morale, leading to a much better company reputation for you and your workers.

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