70 Trades Malaysia: A Review

For many years, it was important to hire a trustworthy broker in the area if one wanted to dabble in the stock market. Nowadays, this practice is no longer necessary. The advancement of technology has completely changed the industry. Online brokers have started gaining popularity among the general public and this development gives potential investors the opportunity to make their own investments at their own pace.

While investors can now manage their investments themselves, it is undeniable that nothing can quite compare to the expertise of online brokers. This is especially true if you are a beginner when it comes to investing. Though the process can seem intimidating, there are plenty of reasons why you should use an online broker.

This 70 Trades review will hopefully help you see why it is the best online broker available right now.

Foreign exchange

At the present, the United Nations recognizes 180 currencies as legal tender. Each one of these fluctuates in value so many similar services will only offer the US dollar. This can be disadvantageous for some people. Luckily, 70 Trades allows one to trade using the most in-demand currencies.

Control over investment

Like other online trading sites, 70 Trades offers options that allow you to monitor your finances in real time. They offer a service called coaching and training which offers trade information and stock quotes. The best thing about this is that the sessions depend on the user’s experience level. This allows people to have an easy time navigating the market to see how their investments are faring. Your online broker will allow you to make trades, check prices, and make changes from anywhere in the world.


You should always be mindful when accessing information. However, the best online brokers will have secure mobile apps that allow customers to do all the research they need and make trades while on the go. For example, 70 Trades Malaysia offers streaming data to clients. Through the platform, one can access their investment portfolio in the web portal. Another layer of protection comes in the form of their partnerships with multiple reputable banks.

Reliable information

One of the benefits of having a traditional broker is having someone who could study information and put the data in a comprehensible form. However, you cannot always trust them because some will only give information you want to hear. If you know what investment strategy you want to make, there may be details that they will not tackle if it is not beneficial for them.

Meanwhile, the above problem will be eliminated if you choose to have an online broker like 70 Trades. This is because you are still ultimately responsible for the trades you make. They will only serve as consultants, but you will have to rely on yourself to complete transactions. Beginners no longer have to fear because these data will be presented in a digestible format. On the other hand, experienced users can take their investments to the next level with the guidance of 70 Trades.

Fair trades

You can definitely prevent brokerage bias since at 70 Trade, making a trade is in your hands. Bias occurs when your traditional broker provides financial advice that benefits him or her alone (e.g in terms of selling a particular mutual fund or products.) This kind of advice can put you, the investor, in trouble. It is very likely that investment decisions are bad for you, and beneficial for the broker. Not only will 70 Trade help you build a portfolio, it takes it further by helping refine it for the best results.


Time is the most important advantage you can get when you go with an online broker instead of the traditional brick-and-mortar setup. Why? Because calling and setting up an appointment with your broker for you to arrange a trade is no longer necessary. The accessibility of 70 Trades is helpful for investors who are always on the go.

With online trading, you can perform any trade anytime you want. Even when you are traveling, you are free to invest as much as you like. It is also easier to communicate with your broker because geographic constraints do not affect your business relationship.


As you might have learned from the article, there are plenty of benefits involved when it comes to using online brokers. However, you will also have to be more vigilant because there are a lot of scams out there. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this when you use 70 Trades. You can even check other reviews and opinions to see if it is the best fit for you.

The process of investment is no small thing so it is always important to study everything about it. The setup is not for everyone, but there is no better investment option if you value affordability, reliability, and convenience.

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