A Part-Time MBA Pays Dividends

Many aspiring businesspeople find climbing their way up the corporate ladder far more time consuming than anticipated. It can be particularly challenging for ambitious professionals to watch colleagues secure promotions, while their own careers appear at a standstill. But instead of simply waiting for recognition, there are key ways to develop your skillset and improve your future prospects. The most obvious solution is earning an MBA degree—but is this truly feasible while working full-time?

There are many prominent business schools that offer high-quality, part-time MBA programs, specially designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals. For example, the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics offers an excellent part-time MBA through their satellite campus in Toronto’s Sun Life Financial Building. Classes are held on alternating weekends (Fridays from 7:30-9:30pm, and Saturdays from 8:15am-5:15pm) with every Sunday off. If you’re looking to complete your Part-Time MBA in Toronto, take note that the Lazaridis program also breaks for July and August, giving students ample opportunity to balance work, family, and MBA studies.

The Lazaridis campus is conveniently situated close to Union Station, and several top investment and accounting firms. The location is ideal for people commuting into the city, and those already working downtown. Depending on your schedule and goals, the part-time MBA can be completed in as little as 2.3 years, or spread out over 5 years.

Though this is a part-time program, candidates still enjoy the choice of nine different MBA specializations. Your options include accounting, finance, marketing, strategic management, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, operations management, human resources management, and international business management. Pursuing these concentrations in the country’s business capital gives students the opportunity to network with other accomplished professionals and industry leaders.

As an added benefit, students pursuing accounting careers are provided with the exclusive option of adding a CPA designation to their part-time MBA degree. Graduates emerge from the program fully prepared to challenge the Common Final Exam, even if they began the MBA without extensive accounting experience. In just four short years, MBA+CPA students are ready to hit the ground running, and advance to the next stage in their careers.

It can be challenging for professionals with big aspirations to achieve their goals quickly while meeting obligations at work and home. A part-time MBA degree is the ideal path to greater career opportunities, without sacrificing commitments in other key areas of your life.

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