A single SSL certificate to protect an unlimited number of subdomains


Save time, paperwork and money by adding the Wildcard SSL option. Usually the standard SSL Certificates are issued in the name of a unique domain name fully authorized, which means that they can only be used for that domain (and subdomains) in particular. Activation of the Wildcard SSL option will avoid this restriction and will receive an SSL certificate issued to * version. Domin.com. The * symbol can use the certificate in various subdomains, unlike a standard SSL certificate is linked to a single subdomain.

A digital certificate depends on a trusted authority or a third-party certificate authority to verify your identity and then uses a chain of trust that starts with you and ends on reliable authority that validates your identity. This chain of trust provides security on the Internet that can be verified. This white paper from Symantec explains, in detail, how companies can take advantage of multipurpose wildcard ssl certificates to simplify certificate management and reduce costs.

How the Wildcard SSL certificates work?

The process is so simple: we issue a certificate with a “common name” of * sudominio.com.. This SSL certificate “wildcard” can be used to protect any subdomain that depends on your domain name sudomain.com.

Key features of Wildcard SSL certificates

Secure any subdomain, now or in the future, with a single SSL certificate. Certificates SSL 2048 bit future proof. Universally works with all browsers, mobile phones and devices. Malware free monitoring service for your domain. Detection phishing alerts free service. Installations through many servers as you want at no extra cost. Reissue many times as necessary during the period of validity. Stamp with secure web link showing details of the organization. subscribed to 7 days refund guarantee . Page SSL acceleration of the masses for a website improved performance.

What you need to register a SSL Wildcard

Make sure that the personal information of the domain owner to be accurate in its entirety. It is compulsory that has the exact name of your company in the WHOIS database as the Scriptures or the Fiscal card appears on official documents such as. Phone number must be a Fixed Mobile number or name of the Company. Do not use 902 numbers as Thawte will call for verification. If you have applied a WHOIS protection to hide their data in the WHOIS database, turn off the protection first.

Have ready the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to register your certificate. If you have your website hosted , you can easily generate the CSR from your Control Panel. Otherwise, contact your hosting provider. You can use csr generator then CSR must be generated with a force of exactly 2048 bit and the domain name in this format: * mydomian.com.

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