About the Risk Audit training programme

Understanding the risks inherent within the financial services industry is of paramount importance to any professional in order to ensure that a business is managed effectively, ethically and with full compliance to all current rules and regulations.


Of course, it takes time and discipline in order to gain a complete understanding of operational risk within business, and it’s important for any professional to receive the right training and guidance in order to be able to correctly identify risk in order to benefit the company, its clients and wider society as a whole. Although some of these skills may be learned as a result of years of experience, undertaking a training programme is undoubtedly the leading way to understand the workings of the financial sector.

Risk Audit is a company which provides public courses, online seminars and in-house training aimed at risk managers, internal auditors, compliance officers and non-executive directors, focusing on the themes of risk, regulation, key controls, and technical approaches to internal auditing, compliance and risk management for the general, wholesale, investment and retail banking industries among others.

Courses are delivered by Risk Audit on the basic tenet that training is essentially an investment in both the individual and the company, with a focus on developing and transferring essential technical skills alongside softer basics (such as report writing) to increase the knowledge of corporate governance amongst those undertaking study, in order to improve the financial services industry by ensuring those involved have a greater understanding of risk management within the sector.

By utilising mixed media training, the firm offers a model which is convenient for all, allowing those undertaking courses to connect with their mentors in a variety of ways, be it in a public course or online, via subscription or on an individual basis.

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