Carbon Monoxide

Gas is very dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning is normally caused by appliances that have been poorly fitted or maintained. You can never see, smell or taste it. However, carbon monoxide can kill quickly without notice.

carbon monoide

If you suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning you can be affected by it for the rest of your life. Health problems such as brain damage can occur if suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. In severe cases even death can occur. It is estimated that carbon monoxide poisoning affects 4,000 Britons every year.

If your house does have carbon monoxide in it, there will be no obvious indications. If carbon monoxide is in your home, these are four signs that could indicate its presence.

  • Yellow or pink coloured gas flames. The flames should be a crisp blue colour.
  • Applications that have mist like stains on or round them.
  • Trial lights that extinguish frequently
  • Gaps have additional condensation than normal


You might think you have a viral infection, food poisoning or the flu when in fact you are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Symptoms that have been poisoned by carbon monoxide can include:

  • Your symptoms first appear when you in your home
  • When you get home your symptoms return
  • Others in your home, including pets are experiencing the same symptoms

Look for these six symptoms:

  1. Pains
  2. Illness
  3. Panting
  4. Tremor
  5. Collapse
  6. Sleepiness

What to do

These points will help you if you discover that carbon monoxide is in your home.

  • Before you abandon your home, open all doors and windows and switch off all gas appliances.
  • If you’re experiencing the six symptoms above, contact your doctor. They will be able to perform a breath or blood test to confirm if you have been poisoned by carbon monoxide.
  • Do not return to your home until a Gas Safe registered engineer has confirmed that it is safe to do so.
  • Notify your utility provider of the problem

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