Expanding Your Business – The Benefits of Servcorp Virtual Offices

It’s hard to overestimate the amount of work involved with running a business. You’ve got to be available almost twenty-four seven to make sure problems are dealt with quickly. If you’ve got a private office, you need to protect it not only from burglars and vandals but also from the risks that come with playing the market.

There are some big responsibilities associated with leasing commercial property. It is expensive, unwieldy and it represents a big step up for entrepreneurs and home-based businesses. This is why you shouldn’t rush into the decision. Servcorp virtual offices are a great stepping stone between home and private leasing that you can use to get prepared.

This article describes the benefits of working from a virtual office, rather than leasing a full-time workspace.

A Grounded Address

One important detail that is lacking from home businesses is a formal, professional address. With a virtual office, you can get one without paying for a fulltime lease. Claim the location of the virtual facility as your own for company correspondence and enjoy a reputation boost.

Specialist Mail Handling

All tenants have a right to use the address of the facility (even though there is no physical space to lease). You can have company mail sent to the site. The onsite staff will process it, according to your instructions, and send it onto a personal address or keep it safe until you make a visit.

Administrative Support

Most of the very small businesses in New Zealand (five employees or less) get by without hiring administrative help. It tends to be a tool that comes along later, as PAs, secretaries, and other helpers are expensive. Virtual offices, however, provide administrative support at no extra cost, so you might as well recruit the best.

Stress-Free Routines

Don’t overlook the benefits of working from home in your hurry to grow. You could save money and time by delaying the upgrade to a full-time lease. Without a twice-daily commute, you and your employees will get more done, spend less on travel, and start each day free of stress.

Substantial Cost Savings

You should only consider a formal office if you can comfortably afford the logistical expenses, on top of the monthly rental fee. If heating, lighting, décor, furniture, computing equipment, cleaning fees and more are likely to squeeze your budget, let a virtual workspace support your existing low-cost operation.

Conference Rooms

One indication of a good virtual vendor is if they offer access to onsite conference rooms. Look for an office facility in Auckland or Wellington that provides this perk. They’re usually run on a ‘pay as you use’ basis, so even businesses on a budget can afford to use these premium environments for hosting clients.

How to Find the Perfect Virtual Office Solution for Your Business

If you’re interested in using virtual offices, you’re still advised to sit down and identify your key priorities, as you would before agreeing to a regular lease. When checking out providers, make sure you understand what features are included in the monthly rate and which are available for ‘one off’ use or hire.

For instance, you might feel like conference rooms are not needed right now, but it’s better to pick a vendor that offers them, especially at no extra cost. Growing businesses change fast and what is important this year might be different to the next. Start your search for a virtual office close to the retail and financial districts of your city, as this is where you’ll find the most impressive addresses.

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