How to Formulate Your Own Business Security Strategy

Devising, executing and evaluating a security plan that suits your business is a vital part of securing your infrastructure and maintaining your reputation as a responsible company. Whatever its size, success or market, every business needs to implement a strong and effective security plan to survive, especially as more and more companies are falling victim to security breaches.

Take note of these essential steps and devise a security plan that leaves your business, data and customers fully protected.

Audit your company assets

Completing a full review of your company and determining where security can be enhanced is perhaps the most important part of preparing a successful security plan. Businesses of different sizes will have varied access to in-house expertise with the majority of larger corporations having IT security professionals to hand already. Small to medium enterprises and start-up businesses may not have these resources and may have to enlist an external vendor to execute their security strategy.  An online penetration testing service can be recruited to ensure your business security comes first without compromising your financial status.

As well as auditing skills that you have access to either in-house or externally, you much identify what online and offline items you are looking to protect, this may include files, hardware, software and data. Prioritise this list during your review to provide the basis for your strategy.

Plan every last detail

Whether you have limited knowledge or a specialist team working in-house, pinpointing procedures that will help you protect company assets and eliminate the risks you have highlight during auditing is the first step to devising an effective and efficient strategy. How these security breaches are prevented, pinpointed and dealt with should be clearly communicated to staff, it may be useful to devise a policy framework as a reference point for all employees. Training may also be required to execute the plan correctly.

Choose your security champions

To make the plan easier to implement it is recommended that you choose one or two members of staff to implement the plan, these employees will also be in charge of tracking progress and offering remedial advice. Monitoring how your security strategy is carried out and reporting new threats and challenges encountered is a vital part of ensuring the plan grows with your business and to combat any hacking advances.

Review and repeat

A review of your business security strategy must be carried out every 6 months to a year to ensure your infrastructure remains fully protected and any changes highlighted by your security champions can be applied efficiently.


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