How to gain twitter followers


The most popular microblogging network transcends everyday functions. It is a space in which communication has many facets expressed in 140 characters is not an easy task, especially when this is intended to reach a large number of Internet users. Therefore, there are certain guidelines to achieve this objective. The writing style, the communication modes and the ability to share multimedia content combine to good communication.

It has become a popular business (of course, operate in secrecy) buying followers for Twitter, Fans for Facebook, views or views on Youtube, by many users, whether celebrities, entrepreneurs, political or any other individual who wants to feel popular , which when viewed from an objective perspective, has no grace , because the fans who sold them out to be most of the time, fake accounts, virtual zombies, or users of the product operation a specialized profiling software virally, generating this a minimal user interaction with your audience. So you need to know where to buy the followers and you must read guide to buying followers.

How to gain followers on Twitter:

  1. Build a network: According to this study, build a good network of interactions with your followers (this would include replies, mentions, discuss particular issues, always with good interaction) would be the key feature for a good number of followers. Check Pros and Cons for getting twitter follower.
  2. Write tweets to be retweeted: This is obvious, if your tweets are worth, be retweeted, reach more people, and if you like, will follow. This, of course, involves a good quality tweet (or it’s funny, too).
  3. Spread other links: for example this is what I usually do more. The sharing of links and information that is theoretically valuable makes winning followers on twitter. Content is informative and theoretically it will be worth reading. According to the study, the fact of putting? Way?? Did much for the tweet in particular because it is spreading the link have started another?
  4. A detailed listing: In the fourth position by importance, stands having a very detailed about you (within the space available, of course) profile.
  5. May. Share own links: Remembering point three, the sharing of self is linked to the net also earns fans, this time to yourself, you share the link, and you will have some potential to be retweeted.
  6. Tweetingpress: This feature is to define those users who have so much to say that does not fit in a single tweet of 140 characters. That is, you need to follow the entire conversation to be aware. Being a user of tweeter with these features seems to be doing gaining followers.
  7. A high ratio of followers: This feature means that users who had more followers than people they were (eg, follow 100 people but have 500 followers) were more likely to gain more followers yet.
  8. Be positive: Unlike in the case of losing followers, has a positive attitude would gain followers? I sense that, sociologically, is due to a kind of? Contagion effect?
  9. Be eloquent uncovering another curiosity is that we study people using longer words have more followers.
  10. Follow back: Typical follow back, I personally have always hated??. This should not be required (I forbid), but according to the study back? Follow? Usually done to gain followers. I, for much study there is, I’ll hate.
  11. Your location: Another curious thing is that the study, they say, if you put your location in your profile (that is to say, where you live) would be a factor in favor of getting followers.
  12. Contact: Although it has little importance, the fact mentions and favorites perform occasionally seems to do also gain followers, although quite small measure, according to the study.
  13. Track an issue: Finally, and rather unsuccessfully, also seems to have some effect the fact repeating the same words in tweets over and over again. Many of us not quite understand this factor. As you can see, there are studies on Twitter (obviously, we should study things to learn more and know more about them), but there are statistics and studies do not imply? Magic formulas? Is, following all these factors will do you gain followers, can improve your life on Twitter, do not know, but they are only correlations, not more. Do not seek it five feet the cat.

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