iPhone Monitoring Software And All About The Technique Of Spying

No one can deny the addiction of an iPhone these days. If you want to know the real worth of owning a smartphone then ask an iPhone owner. The popularity of iPhone is increasing immensely amongst teenagers and the reason is obvious. The whole new world of apps and features make it impossible for teens to pay attention to anything else. In such a scenario, a parent needs iPhone monitoring software to keep an eye on iPhone activities of their teenage children.

stealthgenie iphone monitoring

An App That Knows No Boundaries In Terms Of Spying:

The iPhone monitoring software app that provides the maximum amount of features is undeniably StealthGenie. It provides following spying features:

  • Spy on text messages
  • View IM chats
  • Access web history
  • Spy on call logs
  • Listen to target phone’s surroundings
  • Remotely control the target device
  • Get instant alerts and notifications
  • View calendar activities of target phone
  • Access multimedia messages
  • Read emails
  • Track GPS location of the target phone

Stealthy And Discreet:

This app is known to be the best app as it never reveals itself on the target phone. It helps you spy on the target phone without any fear of being caught by the target phone user. It lets you spy any smartphone distantly through your online StealthGenie control panel. You only have to access the target phone once in order to start spying. The installation process is very simple and doesn’t take more than five minutes.

Spy On IM Chats And Text Messages:

The craze of texting and instant messaging has taken everyone by its charm. The teenagers endlessly use IM apps to stay connected to friends. StealthGenie plays a very strong role in spying on all IM conversations and text messages. Even if the texts or IM conversations are deleted, they are still transferred to your online StealthGenie control panel. This helps you discover the truth about who your child is hanging out with and what exactly is he up to.

Use StealthGenie And Stay Peaceful:

StealthGenie Phone Monitoring helps you track your children no matter where you are and no matter what time it is? It helps you stay completely aware about all their activities. Use this iPhone monitoring software and bring this magic in your life to help you ensure safety of your children

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