Leasing a Photocopier vs Buying a Photocopier: Which is best for Your Business?

This is a common issue faced by thousands of SMEs each day: purchase a new photocopier or lease a photocopier.

It is true that there is no universal rule to determine the choice of renting a multifunctional device (MFD) such as a combined printer/copier/scanner or buying it, so with the help of specialists in photocopier leasing in Reading we have identified the main advantages and / or disadvantages, so that finally, you can make a decision based on the needs of your business.

Buying a photocopier

The main problem faced by an SME when buying a new photocopier is the high initial investment. This concern, in most situations, is compounded by uncertainty and lack of knowledge of the multifunction device that it really needs. Therefore, it is highly recommended you consult an expert to establish the functions, benefits, and costs of the options available.

A very important aspect to prioritise is the environment of your company. If you make a large outlay you must take into account not only your current needs, but also the possible future scenarios that your business will face. You are likely to face the following dilemma: purchase a new photocopier and soon after have the need to buy a more advanced photocopier with more functionality or greater capacity.

Purchasing a photocopier not only involves the costs of maintenance and breakdowns, but also the inconvenience and problems that may arise once the warranty is exhausted.

Leasing a photocopier

The most decisive factor in choosing to lease a photocopier lies in saving the large initial capital outlay.

There is also the technical service available from most companies dedicated to the leasing of photocopiers. When leasing, you are paying a fee for having your photocopier in top condition at any time.

You know in advance what you are going to spend for having your multifunction device; however, when buying a photocopier, this cannot be said, as there are many ancillary costs following purchase.

If your company opts for the lease of a photocopier and later needs a more professional multifunction device, all you have to do is contact the company responsible for the leasing and choose the device you need. In this way you would only increase your monthly leasing quota, and still avoid any large upfront initial investment.

Another advantage of leasing, which has become increasingly importance in recent years, is technology. Due to the changing digital environment in which we find ourselves, companies need to replace their photocopiers more frequently. In addition, there is also the added bonus of lower energy consumption offered by the most current photocopiers.

If your business requires access to the latest printing, copying and scanning technology, typically found in latest generation multifunction devices, but lacks the capital to continually invest in equipment upgrades, then a leasing deal may offer you more benefits than owning such equipment outright.

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