Live Chat Is Changing How Dealerships Sell Cars

The advent of the Internet and online shopping have had a massive impact on the way people look for a new car, and this has created both challenges and opportunities for dealerships across North America. Where buying a car once meant a lengthy research process and trips to many different dealerships, the latest data indicates that the average total time North Americans spend shopping for cars has dropped precipitously over the past decade, thanks in large part to the ease and convenience of online browsing.

Potential buyers want to find the information they are looking for as quickly and efficiently as possible, and dealerships that want to engage customers need to be able to find fast, intuitive ways to share information about sales, inventory, and special offers.

Live dealership chat software works by making a dealership website a more active part of the shopping journey. Visitors to a dealership website equipped with dealership chat will be greeted by a chat window operated by a remote sales representative who can field questions about everything from location and hours to inventory and the latest deals. These chat conversations can be monitored by dealership personnel, and if a lead shows real promise, they can jump into the conversation and start making offers.

Dealership chat is revolutionary not only because it allows customers to contact sales representatives through a website in real time, but because it allows these leads to be filtered so only the most promising ones are sent on to dealership staff themselves. Dealerships that have set up their own chat options often find that their staff quickly become overwhelmed by frivolous queries, and instead of closing sales they waste their time pursuing casual, unpromising leads. Live chat allows dealerships to maximize the potential of their websites without wasting their own sales team’s time and expertise.

Now that dealership chat is a fairly common tool, however, service providers who want to distinguish themselves from the competition are adopting innovative automotive chat sales tools to help drive higher quality lead generation and higher sales conversion numbers. Florida-based Gubagoo, for example, has developed a behavioral scoring technology called B.E.A.S.T. to track website visitors’ activity and score them based on their preferences. Equipped with the data provided by B.E.A.S.T., sales representatives can target website visitors with offers tailored to their specific interests and needs. Not only does this save time, it also increases the likelihood that a potential customer will stay engaged long enough to book a test drive, or apply for financing.

As shopping habits change across North America, dealerships that want to stay ahead of the competition need to pay attention to the way people buy cars. Dealerships need to be able to meet their customers on they are, and with large numbers of shoppers doing most of their data gathering online or using mobile technology, this means utilizing their online presence to maximize their opportunities to engage with potential customers to generate quality leads.

Live dealership chat software is one of the tools changing how dealerships approach their customers, and as new innovations like behavioral analytics make this software ever-more powerful, dealerships that don’t adapt to the changing times are likely to fall behind.

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