Optimising websites for business

A website is one of the most important assets a company can have today. In many ways, it’s arguably more important than having a physical premise on the high street.


Because of this, great care needs to be taken to optimise a business site to be as efficient as it can be in terms of website performance. In many areas, this will be a case of function over form. While it is nonetheless important for websites to look brilliant, this means nothing if the actual experience is slow, lacking and ultimately off-putting.




Nobody likes to be kept waiting, something which is already well known in business. It is the reason call centres aim to answer phones as soon as possible, or why shops try to keep queues down to a minimum. Anything which suggests the company is too busy suggests it cannot currently handle itself, thus looking unreliable or unsuitable in the eyes of potential customers.


When it comes to a website, this is just as true. Visitors will not be impressed by slow loading times or a website that struggles to cope. An efficient server is just like a queue, it needs to meet the demand in question, or the lag will suggest an ineffective service.




Just as important is the need for safety. While there are various legal requirements, such as security measures and the Data Protection Act, there is no harm in going above and beyond this. The more secure you are, the more you can reassure customers or those looking for somewhere safe enough to invest their trust in.


There are many ways you can keep your site secure, from firewalls and other simple measures to fixing various loopholes in your server. Direct denial of service, or DDoS, is a well-known example which aims to overload a server, while other attempts might try to find back-door loop holes or hidden exploitations to sneak in. Ensuring this isn’t possible is a small improvement with big benefits.




Finally, the best way to keep up to date with these is to test website performance. This should be done on a regular basis, to ensure your website is as optimised as it can be. Given the importance of your online presence, keeping up with modern standards will ensure your business does not appear outdated. Likewise, an improved performance will only ensure more happy customers.


Testing should be done on a regular basis, using the likes of security penetration and website performance testing from the NCC Group.

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