Squeeze Page Mistakes Marketers Should Avoid

Squeeze page is commonly known as landing page. It exists to get the email addresses of potential subscribers of a certain product or service. The squeeze page will serve as a marketing tool to capture customers.

However, the mistakes committed by marketers in creating squeeze pages are inevitable. As much as possible, they should be avoided to optimize the overall marketing strategy and actually yield positive results. It’s helpful to know the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Here are the most common squeeze page mistakes marketers should avoid.

1. Placing External links

It is not advisable to place any external link on the squeeze page as the visitor might shift his attention. Remember that the main objective of squeeze page is to acquire the email address of a website or page visitor. Therefore, if an external link is present, the visitor might just visit the external link present on the squeeze page instead of filling in his email address in the field.

2. Poor Headline

The headline on a squeeze page is crucial. Hence, it is important to craft the headline well. It should not be a poor headline but rather an urgent, intriguing and exciting one. Note that the title should ignite curiosity among visitors.

3. Weak CTA or Call to Action

The CTA or Call to Action can be made in various forms. It can be a paragraph of captivating or enticing words, attractive graphics, or a video. The purpose of CTA is to convince the visitor or viewer to grab the offer and fill out the form.

When creating a squeeze page, the emphasis on the CTA or on the Call to Action should be strong enough to capture a customer. Strive to make it stand out. Also, the CTA button needs to complement with the color and design of the squeeze page to make it noticeable.

4. Many Fields on Sign up Form

There should only be at least 2 fields on a sign up form. The fields should only require the name and email address of the visitor. Almost all people nowadays are not patient enough to give all the information necessary when visiting a page. Adding too many fields may cause the visitor to leave the page without converting.

Furthermore, asking for more details may cause the visitor not to get interested in the promotion or the advertisement the page is offering. The details from the customer can follow after they have given their email address. Hence, the form for putting the email address should be simple to make the visitor fill it up and get that lead.

5. Wrong Combination of Color and Design

It is important to combine the right color and design on a squeeze page. The appearance means a lot to a viewer or visitor. Designing a squeeze page is as valuable as effective communication with the customer. Thus, the color and design and the overall aesthetics must not be taken for granted.


There are a lot of things to consider when pursuing your marketing campaign, and having an effective squeeze page is just one of the many considerations. When done right, this detail can really pay huge dividends and contribute to the overall marketing goals.

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