Steps to Follow After Suffering a Workplace Injury

There are steps involved when you suffer an injury while working. Regardless of the cause or nature of the injury, you have to go through the same steps if you decide to make a work injury claim later.

Obviously, the priority is to get medical attention. You need to see the doctor to give you the right medication first. Don’t worry about the rest of the steps, especially if the injury is life-threatening.

Once you are ready, get the form stating that you have suffered a workplace injury. This is a form that you submit to your employer for record purposes. You need it so that you won’t be questioned later on the timing of your injury claim. Produce two copies and ask the person receiving the form to put a stamp on the second copy to acknowledge receipt.

Seek legal help

The main documents that you need before taking any legal action are the medical certificate that you get after seeing the doctor and the report that you have filed. If you can take photos of the injured area right after it happened, they can be included as evidence.

Seek legal assistance, especially if you are going against your employer. For sure, they have policies in place for providing help for medical expenses. However, these might not really go as far as you would have wanted given the nature of the injury that you have suffered. Therefore, you have to file an injury claim so that they will cover the entire cost of the injury. They will also allow your other demands. Otherwise, you will go to court and drag the case on even longer.

You are not on the losing side

When you have legal experts working with you, there is nothing to worry about. You just have to file a work injury claim in Gloucestershire if your workplace is in the area and they will help you with the entire process. You won’t even be asked to pay until you have won the case or got the right settlement amount.

The employer will also want to engage with you in terms of the settlement because they will be on the losing end if they decide not to. They might win the case and prove that it was not their fault you suffered an injury. However, just the fact that they go public in pinning down an employee who is suffering from great pain is not in their best interests considering their reputation.

You just have to follow the steps properly and also listen to what the legal expert tells you to do. Don’t settle if you think the terms are unfair.

You can also go through the same process when asking for compensation for burns after a laser hair removal treatment. It takes guts to win any of these cases, but you need to keep fighting as you are the injured party.


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