Strong Industries That are Hiring Right Now

As many as 200 million of the world’s workforce are believed to be unemployed. Even in some of the most prosperous countries on earth, the difficulty of finding work remains one of the biggest concerns for a vast part of the population. If you’re a job seeker or college student looking for a stable industry to break into, you might do well to consider how your skills and talents could apply to some of the hottest and most rapidly growing industries right now.


As has historically been the case, agriculture remains one of the strongest and most important sectors on a global scale. Whereas in the past a job in agriculture equated to being a farmer – today the industry offers a rich number of complex jobs to undertake in helping improve production and distribution. These days, specialists are employed to deal with the growing number of regulations related to farming practises, pesticides, fertilizers and genetic modification. Highly specialized market and industry research is also needed, as trends in meat consumption, environmentalism and resource scarcity all have an effect upon the sector.


Business is booming for gas, water and power firms as more parts of the world are in growing need of utility services. Fortunately, this is a wide sector offering a number of different jobs. Engineers, technicians, administrators, planning regulators, customer support and lawyers all make up part of any utilities firm.


Despite the name, non-profits do of course make money that goes toward paying staff as well as investing in charitable endeavours. In an age where people are increasingly aware of atrocities and tragedies around the world thanks to 24/7 news and social media exposure, the charity sector can practically operate as a respected business. The best thing about looking to work for a non-profit is that you can choose an organisation suited to your interests and knowledge. Non-profits range from organisations that help resolve international conflict to smaller ones that seek to improve the lives of the disabled in a local community.

Accommodation and Food Service

The internet may have cause travel agencies to complain about a slow-down in business, but more people are globetrotting than ever before. Airline tickets are finally affordable for all – international coach and train transport equally so. Combine this with the fact that young metropolitan people are eating out more than ever before, and you can understand why the accommodation and catering industry is recruiting at every corner. Whether it’s marketing, hygiene inspection, cooking or management – the accommodation and food industry has plenty of jobs on offer.

Igaming and esports

Whilst the USA’s anti-online gambling legislation of 2004 certainly stifled growth for the igaming industry, the biggest online poker rooms are back in full swing now that laws have relaxed in multiple countries (including some US states). Online gaming in the form of esports, similarly, is experiencing unstoppable popularity and an exponential revenue to match. The industry needs game developers, creative designers, marketers and producers in big volumes right now. Not only is this a highly lucrative sector – fast technological advancements (such as VR) and strong investment trends promise to make this an exciting field of development in the near future.

Health care

People may be on average healthier than ever in certain parts of the world – but with a population boom, this doesn’t lessen the burden on health care services. Health care professionals are always in demand, whether they be pharmacists or researchers. Psychological and social services have also grown in the past decades as we have come to understand more about the importance of mental health. There are a variety of jobs for various levels of qualification.


There’s a broader variety of insurance than ever before, and that’s thanks to a sector which knows how to modernise itself and make itself relevant to as many people as possible. Not only are you offering people something of great value, you are helping shape a vital service for businesses, families and individuals alike.


Just like agriculture, construction is a field that isn’t going to suffer from lack of business anytime soon. In an age where we must pay particular care in ensuring that buildings meet eco-friendly and local regulations, the planning and work behind a construction project has become increasingly complex and demanding. On top of that, the industry is likely to be subject to a great deal of technological innovation in the coming years. The construction sector offers both hands-on jobs and desk work. From architectural design to planning permits, a lot of different roles go into construction projects.


Technology has developed at an extraordinarily fast pace – and not everyone can keep up. Unfortunately for the less tech-savvy, technology has become an everyday part of our jobs and overall lives. Hence the importance of a dedicated IT specialist in every office. But technology experts needn’t be limited to the role ‘IT guy’ – with a booming start-up culture to be found in every continent, the opportunities for tech-savvy individuals is never-ending.

Finished with college and ready to break into the job market? Bored of your current role and ready for a career change? Fortunately for you, the above industries currently offer an abundance of vacancies for various entry-levels in an economy that is not currently the most reliable.

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