The Chemical Solution For Businesses In Canadian Energy

If you are a Canadian business in the energy industry associated with drilling, refining, well stimulation, steam-assisted gravity drainage and oil sands, you will need a helpful resource for first-rate products and services. If you become the customer of an experienced chemical supplier that caters to energy markets, you will be rewarded with chemical solutions and excellent customer service.


Businesses in the Canadian energy sector should work with a chemical supplier to get superior products to improve materials and accomplish tasks in a speedy, safe and successful manner. Finding a large supplier will be much easier than hunting down multiple distributors for different products — this way businesses can look to a single resource for all of the materials that they need. A company like CCC Chemicals would be a sensible choice because they are a prominent market leader and one of the largest independent distributors in Canada. The company has a list of innovative partners from around the world and a portfolio filled with a wide range of chemical products. Many of those chemical solutions are perfectly suited for energy sectors like buffers, acids, glycols, solvents and drilling fluids.


A leading supplier like CCC Chemicals will do more than bring a diverse list of chemical products to the table, they will also offer additional services to make the customer experience unforgettable. They have an impressive selection of third party logistics like custom chemical blending, packaging, bulk storage and transportation — these are all designed to accommodate their clients and make the process between ordering and delivery go smoothly. For instance, when it comes to transportation services, the supplier has drivers trained in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods and vehicles prepared with GPS devices so that the chemical products can be delivered safely to clients.


Additional Service: What This Entails:
Chemical Blending Custom chemical blends can be made in ISO 9001 certified facilities.
Packaging Products can be packaged and labeled using a high-speed, automated multi-purpose bagging operation.
Bulk Storage Bulk chemicals can be kept and contained in storage tanks at the client’s convenience.
Transportation Orders can be delivered swiftly via truck or rail to clients. 


The expert assistance and diverse portfolio of a chemical supplier would be especially advantageous in a time when the energy sector is experiencing growth. The news agency Reuters predicted an uptick in Canadian energy this year, especially in the industry areas of crude oil and gas drilling — the rise in activity is expected to be most evident in the province of Alberta. With the prospect of higher production on the horizon, businesses in the industry should be equipped with the best chemical solutions to achieve their goals and tackle projects.


A respectable chemical supplier can help your business through every step of your product purchase — they will give expert advice to find you the right chemical solution, they will offer additional third-party logistics, and they will transport the order directly to you. It is their mission to get you the high-quality materials that you require so that your business succeeds in a challenging industry.

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