The Dos and Don’ts of Operating a Photocopier

Photocopiers are one of the most used – and abused – items of office equipment. In some cases, companies deem it more practical to take advantage of photocopier leasing Reading offers rather than buying one. Everyone in the office uses them and while most know how to properly utilise these machines, there are still some people that do not know how to take care of them. There are simple things each office employee can do to maintain a photocopier machine, whether it is bought or leased, and keep it in good running condition. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Clean the machine periodically. It is important to maintain the machine’s cleanliness all the time. Dust, dirt and debris should be cleaned to prevent them from getting into the inner mechanisms that may cause damage to the machine. Use a dry cloth or tissue for wiping the machine. Any abrasive or hard cleaning materials should be avoided to prevent damage to the hardware. Liquid cleaners should also be used sparingly, such as alcohol, to get rid of stains. Pouring liquid cleaning materials onto the machine is a no-no.

  • Schedule the machine for regular maintenance. There are companies that provide staff to take care of the more complex responsibilities of maintaining photocopier machines. This step will not only get rid of any issues with the machine but it will prolong its life as well.

  • Use appropriate paper. Some types of paper are too thick for some machines and may cause paper jams or may not work at all. Use only the prescribed type of paper when using office photocopier machines.


  • Position the machine near the heater. Heat coming from the heater may result in overheating of the machine. Placing a photocopier in a very cold part of the office may also cause problems. Extreme temperatures should be avoided.

  • Ignore paper jams. As soon as you get a paper jam, remove it at once so that subsequent copies will not get jammed as well. If this happens, it will be a lot harder to remove the jammed paper. Ask for assistance if you do not know how to properly remove a paper jam.

  • Place cold or hot beverages or food anywhere on the machine. Placing any liquids on the machine will put it at risk of being drenched, causing short-circuiting and eventual damage. You also run the risk of soaking your documents, too.

These things are very simple to do and will save your company a lot of trouble. Reminders can be posted on or near each machine to remind each user to take proper care of it.


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