The Leadership Mistakes of the US President

Anyone in a management position is familiar with the inherent difficulties of leading a team. From managing different personalities to balancing team goals with individual performance, engaging and effectively motivating a team is no easy task.

Imagine then trying to lead a team as diverse and powerful as the US Government – and trying to do it in the most public way imaginable. That’s the current job of President Donald Trump, who has been in the role of the world’s most powerful man for a little over a year now.

While opinions on how he has performed are clearly split, the release of the rather explosive and revealing ‘Fire and Fury’ have given us unprecedented insight into how Donald Trump leads his employees, and it’s not what you would call positive.

Drawing on revelations from Michael Wolff’s book, STL have produce a beautifully-illustrated infographic charting six of the President’s key managerial mistakes. You can view the full infographic on the previous link, but the six mistakes include:

  1. Letting his team-members argue and bicker in public forums
  2. Regularly undermining his staff
  3. Going off the agreed party message
  4. Valuing loyalty to him above all else
  5. Not delegating key decisions
  6. Trusting his own gut instinct over the opinion of experts

So, while it’s certainly true that Trump’s job can’t be easy, it seems the President could be doing a better job of motivating his team. Perhaps a few management training courses are in order for the POTUS?

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