The Most Important Quality Strong Salespeople Have Is Empathy

So much of sales is about intuiting a client’s emotions, understanding their needs and working diligently from a place of genuinely wanting to enrich their lives through the product or service being advocated for. It’s not just about making a sale; it’s about creating a loyal and trusting relationship with the prospective customer. The desire to problem solve for the client comes from a place of empathy, putting yourself in their shoes so you can help them choose the best package or option to suit their needs. Salespeople must view each client as an autonomous person and ask themselves: if they were the client, how would they like to be approached?

Acting from a place of empathy and understanding allows salespeople to build a good rapport with each person they have on a call. In reading verbal cues and body language (if they’re meeting in person) they’re better able to navigate the conversation, and put nervous or hesitant clients at ease.

Furthermore, when customers believe a salesperson is on their side and is willing to openly address concerns, that they’re putting their needs first above meeting their quotas for the day, they’re more likely to cooperate. Sometimes empathetic salespeople who know how to read a room and communicate with their clients wind up selling more than they initially imagined they would.

Selling is like a dance, but if one partner tries to lead without listening, the dance will not be enjoyable, and the partnership is unlikely to develop or grow. If a salesperson is too aggressive, or talks at someone on the other end of the line rather than pausing before a response, they’re likely to be someone who is driven by their own impulses, not a very strong listener, and unable to see selling through a big-picture lens. They’re also likely to be more concerned about their own success rather than creating wins for the company, their team, or their clients. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes challenging to see upon first meeting, whether an applicant embodies the level of empathy necessary to be a strong sales rep. In order to take the guess work out of hiring it’s recommended that you make use of a sales personality test that works to measure empathy among other important qualities like emotional maturity, dependence, and stamina.

These tests are available through providers like SalesTestOnline who come into your workplace and analyze the needs of each position you’re hiring for, then they decipher that optimal benchmark showing you plainly how much empathy candidates should have to find long term success in the industry.

Becoming an accomplished sales person is all about the soft skills; it’s about how well someone is able to hold space for both themselves and their clients in a conversation. A client who feels like there’s a give and take, who feels genuine connection with a salesperson, is more likely to listen and hear them out openly. Empaths are naturally magnetic and the caring attitude they exhibit is infectious even on a sales call – allowing their clients to truly care about the call in return.

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