The Simplest Ways You Can Improve Security in Your Workplace

Security has become a major concern for any workplace today, regardless if you operate a small office or retail shop or you run a huge warehouse or office building filled with a good number of valuable assets. Security is everyone’s problem, and if you have a workplace to run and operate, you are responsible for enhancing its security. Workplaces are vulnerable to theft and infiltration, and they are vulnerable to employee larceny and pilfering as well. If you’re worried about the security in your workplace, here are the top simplest ways you can improve it.

  1. Secure your parking area and building

The first step to improving security in your workplace is to secure your parking area as well as your office building. This would include placing and installing a number of CCTV cameras around your parking area and on the outside of your building. When locking up for the night, check that all windows are closed and doors are securely locked. Use locks with British Standards as well.

  1. Make your building less accessible to outsiders

Speaking of locks, there are various kinds which you can take advantage of, not just for the outside, but for the inside of your building as well. Electronic locks can be an effective barrier especially for restricted areas; these areas should be opened only with the proper card key or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. You can also connect your electronic locks to an alarm system, as suggested by professional Oxford security services like Securipol. Another simple way to make your office premises less accessible is to have a reception area where visitors would need to log in and register. Having security personnel n plain sight can work as an effective deterrent as well.

  1. Provide identity cards and badges

All your employees and staff should be provided with identity cards and badges, which they should wear on their person at all times whilst they are inside the building. For visitors who need to enter the employee areas, provide a guest identity card or badge. With these basic but useful measures, you can quickly enhance your office’s security.

  1. Put labels on equipment

The pilfering of office supplies and equipment is actually a bigger problem than you may think. Breach of security isn’t just a risk from outside sources – it can very well be a risk from an inside source as well. To avoid pilfering and stealing, it would be a good idea to put labels on all your office equipment, along with an inventory number and a logo of the company. If you have a list of office equipment and supplies, display it prominently so you can check if everything is in its proper place and there is nothing missing.

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