Tips for Choosing Labelling Machines

Tips for Choosing Labelling Machines

Product labelling is a vital part of any product. In today’s highly competitive market, products fight to differentiate themselves. Having an outstanding product label can make all the difference.

One fundamental element of the labelling process is the machinery used to perform this function. So, how do you choose a labelling machine?

You must be very careful when choosing the equipment or the machinery to use for labelling your products. The labelling machine’s efficiency and reliability will affect the efficiency of the production line.

So, here are some key aspects that you should consider when carrying out the labelling process of any product:

Determine if the labelling process will be manual, semi-automatic or automatic. If the process will be automatic, you should consider deploying automatic labelling machines and will need to be aware of the following:

Labelling machines

Know the requirements of the application:

How will the label be positioned (pressing the label on the container with pads, compressed air, strap or brush, positioning and holding the container with a rotating movement, etc.)?

Complements of the application:

Does it need inkjet printing, thermal transfer or silk screen printing?

Size of the label:

Does the labelling machine adapt to different sizes of labels? This way, you need only buy a single labelling machine and not buy a labelling machine for each label size.


Can you adjust the equipment according to the different labelling needs that may arise?


Most labellers offer connectivity via USB or LAN. This will enable the use of some applications.

Performance analysis:

Is the speed and precision offered by the labelling machine appropriate for the labelling process?


This should be simple, practical and minimal.

Ease of operation for the user:

This should be straightforward, with easy-to-follow instructions.

Always look for various labelling options and make comparisons. This will allow you to have a better overview and make your final choice of labelling machine(s) that best suit the needs of your production lines.

You should also carry out a cost analysis. Consider the investment capital required to buy the equipment. What is the expected lifespan of the machine? What will be the effective cost per unit for labelling? If the initial capital outlay is too great for your budget, consider leasing options for labelling equipment.

The right labelling machine is vital to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the labelling process, and overall production process. If you feel that your demand for labelling does not warrant investment in such labelling equipment, you could consider contract labelling. You can outsource the labelling function of your production to a specialist company. Such companies already have all the necessary labelling equipment and can meet your production run needs.

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