Why You Should Rent an Office in Bangkok

One of the primary things to consider when you’re running any sort of business is the place to have it situated. Assuming that you’re a sole merchant, a freelancer or somebody who doesn’t have any representatives, then work at home scheme is the best way to go for. But progressively, a substantial number of individuals who have a business to run have discovered that leasing office space is an extraordinary method to push their business forward. In spite of the fact that the inflation keeps rumbling on, this has been a great alternative for people keeping an eye on cheap space at good locations.

Why You Should Rent an Office in BangkokOffice space is affordable for any kind of business

Considering the variety of options to choose from, offices in Bangkok are available for rent at affordable prices irrespective of the magnitude of the business. A number of small companies have adopted this change and are well established to outclass their overheads. You may get a bigger space in the suburbs of the city for peanuts, but what’s the use of selling glasses to a blind man. When your business earns a reputation for itself in the core of the city, you are directly in the front row as compared to what you would, in the extensions. Also, renting an office space provides a scope for moving on when required. On the other hand, purchasing a property in Bangkok means you are devoting yourself to bear all the loan and EMI headaches. Not a good deal definitely!

Bangkok is a great marketplace for all kinds of business

We all know how famous Bangkok is for shopping in the whole Asian region. From art and craft to ceramics and from clothing to antiques, everything is a hot selling item here. With more than 50,000 visitors on the market streets in weekends, it’s a kind of shopping festival all around. Any business that has seen a failure in some other regions may just boom here and this is all the more reason why it’s imperative to have an office space in this city. Not that you buy it, but rent it, since you have no idea how big your business is going to be in the coming year. It’s easier to walk away with a rented space in Bangkok than a purchased one. You may be forced to sell it at a price less than what you bought for.

The tax factor

To rent an office in Bangkok implies that the rental fee is tax-deductible in the majority of cases. And in case of any repairs, the landlord is responsible for the same. Now you cannot say the same about owning a private space, which includes substantial tax charges burdened with extra responsibilities.

So which areas are best for renting a space?

Silom Road, Chidlom, Sukhumvit and Ploenchit are major business hubs of the city with numerous offices taken on lease. The prices can range anywhere between 8000 to 20000 Thai Baht on a monthly basis. It may sound a little expensive, but considering the location, it’s worth an investment. On the other hand, if you are setting up a small business without much capital in hand, you can opt for an office space in Chinatown. This area is easily accessible and much cheaper than the ones mentioned above.

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